Alumni Guidance

Alpha Gamma Omega relies on alumni to guide the fraternity. Through the network of the national organization and chapter advisers, our chapters are able to ensure the safe growth of the members in Christ. The alumni leaders ensure that AGO remains a Christ-centered organization.

National Organization

Alpha Gamma Omega is a national fraternity, with chapters in California and Colorado. To learn more about the national organization and our other chapters, please visit us at

Chapter Advisors

Our Chapter Advisors are local alumni of our fraternity who sacrifice their time to provide mature guidance to us during our meetings and at events. Most advisers also provide guidance in our personal lives and struggles.

David “Young Gun” ZagRodny

David is the current Kappa chapter advisor and was an Alpha Gamma Omega brother during his time at UCLA. He now works full time for the Christian ministry Cru, heading up Faculty Commons for professors at Cal Poly and Cuesta. His email is [email protected]