Info for Parents

Alpha Gamma Omega is often mistaken and misunderstood for a secular fraternity. This page exists to help dispel those misconceptions, and to reassure you that your son is in good hands. The page includes a few frequently asked questions and the fraternity’s anti-hazing policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions and concerns that parents often have when their son is considering joining Alpha Gamma Omega. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have additional questions or concerns.

Q: What do you mean when you say ‘AGO is not like other fraternities?’

A: Alpha Gamma Omega is different than the stereotypical fraternity. Instead of focusing on alcohol or partying, members of AGO focus on developing their relationships with the Lord and fellowshipping with each other. Men of AGO turn the focus of their lives away from themselves and toward God.

Q: What do you guys do?

A: Each chapter holds fun, alcohol free events about three times a month. Often times, the events are just for fun, and other times they are focused on serving the local community. One chapter dressed up in suits and invited the sister sorority to a formal dinner at the nearby In-N-Out, complete with tablecloths and candles. For a service project, another chapter packed non-perishable foods for the organization ‘Feed my Starving Children.’ As a Christ-centered organization, we strive to keep Him the focus of our programs.

Q: What’s a chapter?

A: A chapter refers to the body of AGO at a given school, with a Greek letter designation. For example, ‘men of Alpha Gamma Omega’ describes all of the men of AGO. However, the ‘Kappa chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega’ describes the men of AGO here in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Q: What’s a sister sorority?

A: A sister sorority is a sorority that the men of a fraternity regularly spend time with and invite to events. Our sister sorority, Alpha Delta Chi, or ADX, is a group of Christian women with similar goals to AGO. We will often team up with them to hold larger scale events to reach more of our community.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member?

A: Alpha Gamma Omega is one of the greatest bargains at any college. Chapter dues vary between chapters from about $50-$100 monthly. Kappa’s dues are only $60. National dues are $250 annually. Chapter dues vary because each chapter manages its own budget and has varying expenses. Chapters may use their dues as they see fit, but most chapters designate a percentage for outreach, events, improving the house, and savings. National dues pay for our insurance, national events, and other maintenance fees.

Q: Where do AGO brothers live?

A: AGO brothers at most chapters have the opportunity to live in their chapter’s house.  The chapter house is a wonderful place to live because it allows us to be truly surrounded by our brothers, in every aspect of our lives. The house is the meeting place for every event, adding in the benefit of convenience. Living in the chapter house is certainly the best option for the vast majority of AGO brothers. Although the chapter house may be the best housing option, it is certainly not the only one. AGO does not by any means require its members to live in the chapter house. However, members who do not live in the house can become disconnected. Pledges are not expected to live in the house, as many have already committed to living on campus. The Kappa chapter house is located at 1777 Tonini Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

Q: What is AGO’s policy on alcohol?

A: Alpha Gamma Omega is ever vigilant to remain Christ-centered. Many Greek organizations found their beginnings as a Christian group, then slipped away as alcohol and other compromises divided their brothers, eventually consuming them. For this reason, and to deepen the spiritual lives of the members, Alpha Gamma Omega does not tolerate alcohol in the chapter house or at fraternity events. AGO respects the right to drink of the members of legal age, but asks that they adhere to the ‘Standard of Holiness,’ a document created and ratified by the membership to help clear up otherwise ambiguous boundaries.

Q: How do AGO brothers fellowship?

A: AGO brothers fellowship with each other on a more intimate level than any other Christian group. In addition to attending church, Bible studies, and worship nights together, they feel comfortable enough with each other to share things about themselves that they may not have shared before.  This intimate personal knowledge opens the door for great spiritual growth and more development than ever imagined. For example, the Kappa chapter created a support group in 2019 for pornography and masturbation that has led several of the members to freedom from these addictions.

Q: Will my son be in good hands?

A:  Of course he will! If you are still not sure that Alpha Gamma Omega is right for your son’s spiritual development, contact us through the information on the contact us tab.  We will be more than happy to meet you and tell you more about AGO. We are confident that you will be impressed by the way that AGO brothers interact and fellowship.

Anti-Hazing Policy

As Christian young men, we strive to encourage and witness to one another. We do not seek to glorify ourselves by tearing others down. Instead, we strive to edify each other through positive means, so that God may be glorified. We realize that any form of hazing is contrary to the example that Christ set for us, and demoralizing to our brothers.

In an attempt to more clearly define hazing, the fraternity adopted “The Seven Points of Hazing.” Although the majority of AGO brothers would never even imagine engaging in any of these activities, the list exists as a reminder:

The Seven Points of Hazing

Individuals and/or collegiate chapters are prohibited from participation in the following, with or without the participants’ permission:

  1. Paddling or striking the body of a pledge with any object in order to cause pain or discomfort
  2. Applying to the body any foreign chemical, food, or substance (i.e. oil, honey, ice water, dirt, or anything similar in appearance or make‐up)
  3. The intake into the body of any unusual substances (anything which is not of their normal food diet, prepared as they would normally consume it, or in excessive quantities)
  4. Excessive exercise
  5. Any practice which produces excessive mental anguish
  6. Blindfolding or impairment of their normal vision, or restricting bodily movement, including: binding, taping, or in any way tying the individual
  7. Any action which would have a potential of bodily injury or death (Any question as to the acceptability of any activity should be referred to your collegiate chapter advisor.)

These are guidelines, not an exhaustive list! If in doubt, don’t do it.

The national council of Alpha Gamma Omega does not tolerate hazing of any kind from the chapters, and will immediately suspend the individual or chapter responsible for hazing of any kind.