Executive Officers

The following is an outline of the executive positions within our chapter of the fraternity. Each officer is either elected by the active body or appointed by the chapter president.


“The President of the chapter is in the position of “The Buck Stops Here” – therefore, in his leadership of the Executive Committee, he must reach into his soul and, according to Biblical standards, strive to govern this Fraternity in the light and wisdom of God’s Word under the direction of the National Executive Committee, the National Council, and in consultation with the Collegiate Chapter Advisor.”

Our current President is Philip “Drakensberg” Wolf . It is his responsibility to lead the chapter and to preside over our meetings. He can be reached at pres@slo.ago.org.

Vice President

“The Vice President has one of the most challenging jobs that can be given to a man of God. He is responsible to provide a social program that will magnify the name of Jesus, to develop the social skills of the men, and to give occasions for everyone to experience enjoyable activities together. In an area where so many stumbled, AGO’s social program stands second to no area of our Fraternity life in potential witness.”

Our current Vice President is Josh “Teton” Shattuck . It is his responsibility to strengthen and maintain the brotherhood. He may be reached at vp@slo.ago.org.


“More than anyone else in the chapter, the Chaplain must hold the spiritual welfare of the brothers as his all-consuming passion. He is responsible for developing and promoting the spiritual program of the chapter. He should use every event, every Bible study, every prayer uttered to bring the chapter into alignment with God’s direction and desires for the house.”

Our current chaplain is Josh “Yoshi” Allman. He is the spiritual leader of our fraternity and is responsible for our men’s retreat. He may be reached at chap@slo.ago.org.


“The Pledgemaster holds the future of the chapter in his hands. As the most important active in the life of a pledge, and by setting the tone of the program in conjunction with the President, Chaplain, and Collegiate Chapter Advisor, he wields a crucial responsibility. The Pledgemaster must be a mature Christian who shows compassion, integrity, and, above all, a discerning spirit of sound judgment.”

Our current pledgemaster is Grant “Ranger” Smith. He is responsible for facilitating the pledge program. He may be reached at pm@slo.ago.org.

House Manager

“It is the House Manager’s responsibility to insure that the building and grounds are maintained and improved during the term of his office. It is the ministry of the House Manager to establish and maintain a culture of respect and pride for the house of God, not merely keeping the house from falling apart.”

The house manager is charged with maintaining a clean environment for the active body to fellowship in. Our current house manager is Andrew “Grizzly” Coté . He may be reached at house@slo.ago.org.


“The man who would be Treasurer should possess three vital qualities; honesty, diligence, and responsibility. He is responsible for keeping accurate records and providing an open account of the chapter finances. The Treasurer must see himself as a steward of God’s resources and will not frivolously waste or misuse what has been entrusted to him.”

The treasurer must preside over the finances of the chapter and set the chapter’s budget. Our present treasurer is Lee “Kirby” Conway. To email the treasurer, use the address treas@slo.ago.org.


“As Secretary, this man is primarily a communicator, communicating to the chapter a record of its own actions, communicating to the Fraternity the status of the chapter, and communicating to the future brothers the life of your chapter.”

The secretary is responsible for recording the proceedings during meetings and other communications. Presently, the position is filled by Derek “Kepler” Shea. He may be reached at sec@slo.ago.org.