Executive Order 1068

Alpha Gamma Omega has an anti-discrimination policy for membership, in accordance with state laws. However, we reserve leadership in the Fraternity for members who have signed the Fraternity Statement of Faith, and profess belief in Jesus Christ. Because our elected officers are required to be Christians, the university has disaffiliated itself from Alpha Gamma Omega in accordance with Executive Order 1068. This has happened to all of the chapters of Alpha Gamma Omega at California State University schools, as well as chapters of InterVarsity and Cru.

Alpha Gamma Omega was founded at Cal Poly in 1992, and became affiliated with Cal Poly in 1994. In March of 2009, Cal Poly disaffiliated itself from Alpha Gamma Omega due to the Christian leadership requirement.

AGO served as an exemplary fraternity at Cal Poly during the 15 years of our affiliation. Since 2009, the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega has continued to grow in size and influence within the Cal Poly community, even though we are no longer recognized by the university and no longer have access to campus facilities.

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